Course: Introduction to Web Development and JavaScript

Duration: 20 sessions

- Each session: 3 hours

- Total: 60 hours

-  two sessions per week


- 4000  EG

this course, students will benefit in the following ways:

Web Development Proficiency: Students will gain a strong foundation in web development, including creating web pages, understanding HTML and CSS, and using various web elements like images, links, and forms.

JavaScript Programming Skills: They will acquire essential JavaScript programming skills, enabling them to add interactivity and functionality to their web projects.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Through the projects and coding exercises, students will enhance their problem-solving skills and logical thinking, which are essential in programming and web development.

Project-Based Experience: The practical projects, including building web pages, a fruit project, an alarm clock, a calculator, and GPA calculator, will provide hands-on experience in real-world scenarios, helping students build a strong portfolio.

Creativity and Independence: Encouraging students to propose and work on their own JavaScript projects will foster creativity and independence, allowing them to explore their interests and build unique web applications.

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful journey into web development and JavaScript programming,


Module 1: Introduction to Web Development


  - Structure of an HTML Page

    - Head

    - Body

  - Title Tag

  - Link Tag

  - Headings

  - Paragraphs

  - Images (image)

  - Anchor Tags

  - Buttons

  - Input Elements

  - Lists

  - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

    - Color

    - Font Size

    - Font Weight

    - Background

    - Alignment (Align)

    - Flexbox

    - Margin

    - Padding

    - Border

    - Border Radius

 - Text Formatting

Module 2: JavaScript (JS) Programming Fundamentals

- Introduction to Programming

- Data Types in JavaScript

- Using the Console for Debugging

- Conditional Statements (If Conditions)

- Loops

- Document Object Model (DOM) Manipulation

Module 3: Projects

1. Building Web Pages

2. Fruit Project

3. Alarm Clock

4. Calculator

5. GPA Calculator

6. Student's Choice JavaScript Projects (Encourage students to come up with their own JavaScript projects)

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